Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandave!

Happy Birthday Grandave! I love you so much!

And we're off!

Mimi and Pop got me a baby stroller to push around and I love it! I have gotten pretty good at walking this thing all around the house! It will not be long till I will be on my own!

Dancing with my daddy!


Grayson's mommy was off of work last week so we got to play together during the day! We get to see each other a lot but normally its close to bedtime, but this was a nice change! We loved our time together and had a blast playing!

Happy 8 Months.. a little late

What I am doing at 8 months!
* I am crawling everywhere, and pretty fast.
* I love to stand up and pull up on anything!
* I can walk with a walker and have started to let go of things lately and work on my balance.
* I love people.. especially children who are a little my size.
* I am saying, " baba", "Mama", and "dada" very clearly and have a lot of my own sounds that I love to make.
* I love my daddy and clearly am going to be a daddys girl!
* Maddie and I are becoming better friends these days, mainly because I like to feed her!
* I love all kinds of foods, I have even started to eat bananas, which was the only thing that I did not like a few weeks ago!
* I enjoy being outside and love wagon rides!
* I am still working on cutting my first tooth, but mom thinks that it will be any day now!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mommy's Little Sunshine!


This month we celebrated a lot of birthdays! Mom and dad both turned one years older and we had some great time celebrating with friends and family!

Dad and I on his birthday!
Mom and I on her birthday
My friend Grayson and I at Palios for mom's birthday dinner!